Saturday , May 18 2024
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PART 1 – 7 easy DIY indoor garden hacks to become the plant lady/ man you always…



PART 1 – 7 easy DIY indoor garden hacks to become the plant lady/ man you always wanted to be! ????????‍????????????⁣⁣
Give new life to your used items!⁣⁣???? Compostable tea bags, yogurt containers, egg cartons, and plastic and Styrofoam disposable cups all can be used for starting your seeds. Just wash them out, drill or cut holes in the bottoms, top up with your potting mix and plant your seeds. Place your seedlings in a sunny window, keep them watered and watch them to grow.⁣⁣
Grow plants in old kitchenware – Kitchen items such as tea kettles, colanders, pots and bowls that you’re ready to throw out can be given a new lease on life as planters in your garden. Colanders, for example, are an option for growing lettuce and they already have holes that allow excess water to escape. Similarly, it’s possible to drill holes in the bottom of other kitchenware for proper drainage.⁣⁣
Save your soup and vegetable cans for a tin-can garden. Growing herbs or flowers in them can create a decorative look out of seemingly mundane cans.⁣⁣
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