Thursday , July 18 2024
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Policy opportunities for reducing climate change and its impact on planetary and human health

Seminar at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in connection to EASAC Bureau and Council meetings, with presentations by EASAC’s Programme Directors.

Nearly seven years have passed since the Paris Agreement was signed, but its goals seem increasingly remote. Global warming is getting faster and faster, and the loss of biodiversity and important ecosystems continues on all continents. Emissions from fossil fuels play a crucial role, but extensive impact also comes from a rapidly growing population, deforestation, overconsumption and unsustainable lifestyles. Climate change is already affecting human health, and will become more severe unless urgent action is taken. Although the UN’s climate panel is clear that rapid changes involving large parts of society are required to meet the climate goals, policymakers mainly rely on future, often uncertain, technologies rather than taking immediate action. At the same time individuals need to adapt to more sustainable lifestyles, not least by shifting to more climate-friendly diets – more than a third all man-made greenhouse gas emissions are generated by food systems.

Moderators: Anna Rutgersson, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Lars Bergström, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
00:00 Christina Moberg, President EASAC: Welcome remarks
03:36 Professor Mike Norton, Environment Programme Director, EASAC: Climate change and biodiversity – common drivers, common solutions
29:48 Dr Robin Fears, Outgoing Biosciences Programme Director, EASAC: Climate change and health: integrating scientific evidence to inform policy at national, regional and global levels
59:01 Professor Mike Norton, Environment Programme Director, EASAC: Bioenergy with carbon capture (BECCS) – a case of wishful thinking?
01:33:27 Dr Louise Leong FRSB, Incoming Biosciences Programme Director, EASAC: Meat alternatives: The drive to reduce meat consumption: an emerging landscape of novel foods
02:02:08 Moderated discussion

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