Political Hackathon for the Environment – 3rd Council on Participatory Democracy

During the 3rd Meeting of the Council on Participatory Democracy – “Political Hackathon for Sustainability. From Covid19 to climate emergency in the cities of the European Union” – together with local administrators, practitioners, activists and movements, we discussed about how citizens can use participatory democracy instruments at local level to push the European Union to achieve the historical result of climate law(s) that put the EU at the forefront of research, innovation, and ecology.

Participants have been introduced to innovative democratic tools implemented in Brussels – mixed/deliberative commissions – but also to the European Citizens’ Initiative StopGlobalWarming.eu proposing a price on CO2 emissions.

You can learn more about the Council on Participatory Democracy at this link https://www.eumans.eu/council-participatory-democracy

All the speakers:

Intro – Virginia Fiume (Eumans Coordinator): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=38

Marco Cappato (Eumans Founder): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=426

Pepijn Kennis (Bruxelles Regional MP – Agora Bruxelles): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=859

Gordana Djurović (President of the Montenegrin Pan-European Union): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=1630

Marco Cappato (Eumans Founder): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=1961

Gordana Djurović (President of the Montenegrin Pan-European Union): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=1987

Virginia Fiume (Eumans Coordinator): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=2127

Marcin Gerwin, Citizens Assemblies Designer: https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=2239

Pepijn Kennis (Bruxelles Regional MP – Agora Bruxelles): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=2645

Marcin Gerwin, Citizens Assemblies Designer:https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=2803

Marco Cappato (Eumans Founder): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=2884

Marcin Gerwin, Citizens Assemblies Designer: https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=2970

Virginia Fiume (Eumans Coordinator): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=3007

Cornelia Florina German, promoter of the open letter on air pollution and waste management in Eastern European countries:

Virginia Fiume (Eumans Coordinator): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=3514

Lorenzo Mineo (Eumans Political Rights Initiative coordinator): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=3686

Ilaria Ghaleb, (Environmental activist Change4planet): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=3846

Cezary Jurewicz (International Logic Party): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=4085

Prof. Rodolfo Lewanski (Associated professor, University of Bologna): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=4590

Virginia Fiume (Eumans Coordinator): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=5154

Alain Deneef (Founder of SECO – Salon of European Civic Organisations and author of Demain Bruxsels): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=5293

Marco Cappato (Eumans Founder): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=5870

Chiara Gastaldi (Extintion Rebellion): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=6500

Marco Cappato (Eumans Founder): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=6653

Chiara Gastaldi (Extinction Rebellion): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=6929

Virginia Fiume (Eumans Coordinator): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=6976

Chiara Gastaldi (Extintion Rebellion): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=7259

Eleonora de Majo (Deputy Mayor, Naples): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=7420

Lorenzo Mineo (Eumans…): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=7857

Marco Cappato (Eumans Founder): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=8097

Conclusions – Virginia Fiume (Eumans Coordinator): https://youtu.be/pJ6h_BfLTaY?t=8291

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