Monday , May 27 2024
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REBEL TALK with Dr Nicole Rogers (Legal scholar) on the Climate Emergency and Activism

This weeks REBEL TALK with Dr Nicole Rogers on the ‘extraordinary emergency’ defence and how it might be applied in court cases to further the campaign for climate action.

Our apologies for the technical difficulties in streaming live online today. The disruption to this Rebel Talk was due to heavy usage at this current time given many are working and studying from home.

The recording of the interview starts part way through, but we do get the chance to cover in depth the climate emergency defence.

My first question to Nicole was:

What is lawful has changed during the Covid-19 heath emergency, albeit temporarily; could you speak to how the climate emergency as it increases in intensity, may also require urgent changes to the law in Australia and what that might look like?

Dr. Nicole Rogers a Senior Lecturer in the School of Law and Justice at Southern Cross University. Nicole’s current research interests include the intersection of performance studies theory and law, wild law, climate activism and climate litigation.

Thank you for watching and your ongoing support.
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