Scotland's Response to the Climate Emergency: Reflections

The new climate targets set in Scotland’s Climate Change Act will require significantly raised action, investment and planning to deliver across all sectors in Scotland.

Scotland’s approach to tackling climate emissions must be driven by a transformational Just Transition at a pace and scale that will meet Paris Agreement commitments. This includes our Recovery Plan from coronavirus, the revised Energy Strategy and the now delayed Climate Change Plan.

In this closing session, speakers were asked to share their reflections from six panel discussions across key sectors in Scotland; electricity and energy, buildings and heat, waste and circular economy, transport, agriculture, land use and marine and industry.

Speakers include:
– Richard Hardy, Prospect Scotland and Ireland National Secretary and Just Transition Commissioner
– Claudia Beamish MSP
– Mike Danson, Professor of Enterprise Policy at Heriot-Watt University and Just Transition Commissioner

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