Thursday , May 23 2024
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Shoestrike for the climate

It was an odd site of dozens if not hundreds of pairs of shoes, new, old, large, small, red, black, brown spread throughout open spots in some 70 locations in Sweden. Around them, sometimes connected to the shoes, were signs calling for a climate-smart reboot and declaring a climate emergency.

The owners of the shoes were practicing social distancing by sending their shoes instead.

One of the Stockholms participants Petra Palmen at SaturdaysForFuture and the initiator explained the effort, “It is now, in the midst of Covid-19, that we have to change to a climate-smart society in accordance with the Paris Agreement. The climate destruction cannot take the back seat in this recession. In fact, grants and credit guarantees for renewable energy can pull us out of the recession. Otherwise, we run the risk of rampant climate change, large parts of the planet become uninhabitable and hundreds of millions of people are forced to flee or face death.

The skostrejk demands include:
Put people and environment first. Addressing indirectly the massive numbers laid off or furloughed, “Create sustainable jobs and help people retrain where needed. Let nature preserve and store the carbon.”
Leave the fossil economy. Ensure that support packages and financial incentives help to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN’s global sustainability goals. Stop subsidizing fossil energy and raise the price on carbon emissions.

Shoe strike participants urge politicians to show leadership in the same way they do during the Corona crisis. “Recognize the climate crisis, tell the truth, make adequate demands on companies and authorities and decide on powerful green and sustainable investments for the future,” says Pia Björstrand, spokesperson for ClimateAction.

“We have not learned much from the pandemic and ignored again science. SAS (Skandinavian Airlines) has announced that they will start flying again. The Swedish government should set requirements for its financial support, similar to the ones the French government sets against Air France. In return for support packages, Air France will stop competing with the domestic train in France and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.”

On Saturday the 30th of May, Fortum opened a new coal-fired power plant in Dortmund, Germany. Contrary to Germany’s ambitious climate goals. It is remarkable. It reflects weak leadership while we strongly need the opposite, says Anna Bokström, climate activist at FridaysForFuture Malmö.
We encourage the whole world to do “shoestrike” the last Saturday every month. Until the people in power begins to listen to the researchers.

Contact organizer if you want to collaborate

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