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SNOW APOCALYPSIS in North America! Where has winter gone in Europe? Floods in the Middle East

The end of December 2022 turned out to be abnormally warm for many Europeans, and only the festive Christmas illuminations reminded us that it was winter outside.
Meanwhile, a winter storm of unprecedented magnitude and impact hit a large part of Canada and the United States.
And on DECEMBER 23, 2022 Mecca and other cities in Saudi Arabia, as well as Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, were under water.

See a new report from Breaking News about these and other climatic anomalies.

Extreme temperatures. Strong winds. The lack of electricity and life-threatening conditions — all this the inhabitants of North America had to endure on Christmas Eve.

DECEMBER 19–25, 2022
❄️ CANADA: Dangerously cold Arctic air has caused extreme temperatures in Canada. Here, in just a few days, dozens of records of the lowest temperatures have been recorded.

DECEMBER 21–25, 2022
❄️ USA: Heavy snowfalls and high speed of wind have virtually paralyzed public life in the states of New York, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Against the backdrop of severe frosts and snowstorms, many houses were left without electricity. Tens of thousands of Americans had to change their plans for the Christmas holidays as abnormal weather conditions led to a traffic collapse.

DECEMBER 24–25, 2022
💦 PHILIPPINES: The last week of 2022 was marred by natural disasters in 10 regions in the south of the country.
Two days of heavy rains led to floods and landslides that affected about 400,000 people.

🆘 Residents of the affected areas were up to their waists in water and had to be helped out of their homes by rescuers.
There are reports of deaths and missing persons. Most of them were fishermen who had gone out to sea in their boats.

DECEMBER 26–27, 2022
🌊 OMAN, MUSCAT: Flood waters flooded entire neighborhoods in the capital.

DECEMBER 2022 will be remembered by Europeans with many temperature records and exceptional heat waves.
👉 FRANCE, Verdun, the temperature exceeded +26°C.
👉 SWISS, Adelboden, the air warmed up to +15.6°C.
👉 GERMANY, Hechingen, the thermometer showed an abnormal +16.7°C.
👉 Unseasonably high temperatures were also recorded in SPAIN.
👉 In ITALY, including Rome, this past Christmas was the warmest in 50 years, with 10°C above the average.

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👉 Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity | International Online Forum November 12, 2022



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