Spain: "Extinction Rebellion" protest covers Madrid square in over 1,000 shoes

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Activists from ‘Extinction Rebellion’ covered the iconic Puerta del Sol square in the Spanish capital in shoes as part of a protest urging citizen participation and immediate action to face the climate emergency in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.
“There is no turning back, we cannot return to a normality that endangers our health and even our own survival. We need to rebel now,” said Miguel Diaz, spokesperson of ‘Extinction Rebellion.’
Under the slogan ‘COVID today, climate crisis tomorrow, act now,’ the international movement of “civil disobedience” placed more than 1,000 shoes representing people who cannot be present because of the health emergency.
“These shoes, so diverse, represent all members of society, who although they cannot be present today at this protest, must make the decisions for change that we need,” added Diaz.
The protest action also took place in other Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Granada and Mallorca.

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