Monday , May 20 2024
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State of Climate 22/3/20 – Monsoon Status and Winter is Coming!!!

State of Climate

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Cyclone Safety advice and Tips (Australia)

before a cyclone
-prepare an emergency kit (batteries, torch, radio, first aid kit)
-stock up on cash, fuel, food and bottled water, enough to last 5-7 days

during a cyclone
-do NOT go outside
-do NOT go near windows or doors
-shelter in a bathroom or under heavy furniture
-dial 000 ONLY in a life-threatening emergency or the SES for non-life threatening emergencies

-pull over and wind up windows
-try to manoeuvre the car to a more sheltered position NOT a ditch or floodway
-try to drive to safety if it is safe to do so

after a cyclone
-take caution for fallen trees and powerlines
-do not approach rivers or floodwaters
-do not try to leave unless advised

Stay safe out there!

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