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JRE & Bjørn: Global Warming Is Better Than Global Cooling

Joe Rogan and Bjørn Lomborg discuss about how global warming is more advantageous to humans than global cooling that causes more casualties even from the past. Let’s gather more information on how to solve this global crisis and save the PLANET. Bjørn Lomborg, Danish political scientist and statistician who gained …

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From #JRE #1896 IF GLOBAL WARMING IS BAD – THIS IS WORSE!!! Joe Rogan and Bjorn Lomborg discuss that while global warming is bad and people suffer and perish because of it, it is nothing compared to people suffering and perishing due to cold weather… About 4.5 Million people die …

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#42 – Valentina Zharkova: “in next 30 yrs, global warming prob. will be last thing in our mind”

Graduated with first class with distinction degree in Applied Math from Kiev National University, Kiev, Ukraine (1975); did PhD in Astrophysics ‘Radiative transfer of solar prominences’ at Main Astronomical Observatory, Kiev, Ukraine, viva in 1984. Worked as Researcher/Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer at KNU (1975-1994). In 1992 moved to Glasgow University, UK …

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Creating city wide cooling systems to slow global warming | Greg Kats | TEDxBoston

By adopting Smart Surfaces city wide Baltimore will cool its downtown 5 degrees, save $13 billion, slow climate change, protect its tourism industry and solve structural urban racial inequities. Globally, within 2 decades 300 million city dwellers will be exposed to heat waves that exceed human capacity to survive. Here …

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Distinguished Lecture – Global warming or global cooling – the Holocene temperature conundrum

Most previous temperature reconstruction of global annual temperature shows an early Holocene warming followed by a cooling trend through the middle to late Holocene. This global cooling is puzzling because it is opposite to the expected and simulated global warming trend due to the retreating ice sheets and rising atmospheric …

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Eastern Pacific Ocean is cooling NOT warming! Are the climate models wrong??

Climate models have been getting more and more sophisticated as the power of super computers has increased exponentially over the last few years. But have all the variables been factored in? A machine is only as good as the person that builds it, after all. Now a new research paper …

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