Saturday , May 18 2024
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The Environmental Lessons of the Pandemic (Vlog # 17)

Current Analysis and Newspaper Session Series
# 17 covers The Environmental Lessons the Pandemic teaches Us
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1. Halt Destruction of Nature or Suffer Even Worse Pandemics:

2. Positive Impacts of Lockdown:

3. Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye:

4. Origin of Deadly Viruses:

5. Lecture Outline:

a. How Global Warming could lead to even worse pandemics, experts predict
b. Must stop altering life-supporting systems of nature beyond repair
c. Must leave the animal kingdom alone – Jane Goodall
d. As many National Parks and nature reserves around the world as possible and protect as many forests as possible – wild fires in Amazon and Australia
e. What is Global Warming and Climate Change
i. Definitions
ii. What are the relevant facts
f. What are the ongoing impacts
i. More frequent and intense extreme weather events
ii. Sea level rise
iii. More hot days
iv. Water scarcity, drought and famine
v. Melting polar ice caps and glaciers – example of Pakistan
vi. More deadly viruses into the human population
g. What lessons Coronavirus teaches us
h. How to mitigate Climate Change:
i. Alternative economic model based on collective human prosperity and protection of all natural resources rather than unfettered greed and infinite growth
ii. Revolutionize energy production
iii. Revolutionize the transport sector
iv. Re-forest the earth on a massive and emergency bases to create carbon sinks

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