Saturday , May 18 2024
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The Factory of the Stars: A sun in the lab, to rescue our planet – Episode 1

Making the sun on earth to help solving the climate emergency? It is not a dream, but a challenge for many scientists around the world who work to make fusion of light nuclei – the process which drives the sun and the stars – happening in the lab and eventually producing clean, safe and environmental friendly electric energy. “Factory of the Stars” is a new series of 13 videos produced by Il Bo Live, the University of Padua online magazine. Prof. Piero Martin, experimental physicist of the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Padua and chief physicist of the DTT experiment in Frascati will accompany us to discover the leading edge physics experiments and technologies which make the “Factory of the Stars”. In this first episode set at the Biodiversity Garden of the University of Padua Piero Martin will explain how the Greenhouse effect works and how nuclear fusion could help us decarbonize our energy production system.

Project manager Francesco Suman
Shooting and editing Elisa Speronello

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