Wednesday , July 17 2024
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The Global Story of Climate Change Loss and Damage – and Who Should Pay For It

How can we achieve climate justice? By making the world’s biggest polluters pay for the climate change-induced losses and damages caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Take action on climate change at –

This is Loss & Damage – hurricanes, floods and forest fires destroying homes and livelihoods around the world, particularly in poorest countries.As a result of the focused campaign by civil society and campaigning groups worldwide, finance for Loss & Damage became the make or break issue of COP26 last year. In the powerful new film, “This is Loss and Damage – Who Pays?”, climate activist, Vanessa Nakate, and Loss and Damage experts, Professor Saleem Huq and Harjeet Singh, offer a compelling way out of the Loss and Damage finance stalemate: an international mechanism funded by the fossil fuel polluters who caused the crisis.

Watch to discover how the success or failure of this COP 27 will be based on whether finance for Loss and Damage is finally provided…

This film, narrated by well-know actor Mark Strong, was created for the Make Polluters Pay campaign, led by a coalition of charities and organisations. The campaign aims to raise public awareness about the urgent need for loss and damage funding, paid for by the biggest polluters. Get involved in the campaign at –


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