THE IMPORTANCE OF TREES The tree is a complete living being: it is essential for…

The tree is a complete living being: it is essential for meteorological events, to improve the climate, to produce materials useful for other species and to maintain the biodiversity of the ecosystem.
Indeed, some biologists believe that the extinction of only one species of plant can lead to the extinction of about thirty animal species. The consequences would affect the food chain with damage to biodiversity.
A tree absorbs almost 10 kg of carbon dioxide throughout its life, thus contributing both to the transformation of this into oxygen, and to the reduction of atmospheric pollution. It therefore has the main function of maintaining stable the balance of the ecosystem which is often threatened by man. It may seem like a trivial phrase but the life of every human being depends on the trees. Indeed, plant species provide fundamental oxygen to our existence. A large amount of trees contributes to better thermoregulation of the environment and this is especially true in cities where, without the precious action of plants, home heating and traffic fumes would drastically increase the temperature. In addition, trees are useful for conserving water and preventing water pollution (by absorbing harmful substances from rain and instead releasing clean water in nature). Finally, trees protect soils from soil erosion, a factor of extreme importance in a country like ours that is often the victim of hydrogeological instability. Trees are like wise grandparents who guide us on the right path to live on a better planet, let’s listen to them!????

Thanks a lot @onetreeplanted for giving me this wonderful shirt and for the important projects you carry out to save our planet????

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