Monday , May 20 2024
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This is an emergency – Extinction Rebellion

We are facing an unprecedented global emergency.

The science is clear, we must act now.

Human activity is causing irreparable harm to the life on this planet. Many species are endangered and could go extinct or at least committed to it by the end of this century.
We are facing a mass extinction event.

Everything, from the air we breathe to the water we drink, from the earth we plant to the food we eat, the beauty and diversity of nature and our psychological well-being, will be compromised by the political and economic systems that promote and support our modern, consumer-focussed lifestyles.
We must radically and immediately begin reducing emissions and improving carbon absorption, drawing it down and locking it up again, but we can’t count on our politicians, who keep failing us, keep failing in their duty to act on our behalf, focusing instead on profits and economic growth.
In fact, our carbon emissions are still increasing, our forests are burning, air pollution is the world’s largest environmental cause of disease and premature death.
Human activities have caused the planet’s average surface temperature to rise about 1.1°C since the late 19th century, but particularly in the last 35 years.

As the global temperature rises we see an increase in extreme weather events such as heatwaves and droughts. Globally, the past four years have been the hottest on record, and the 20 warmest have occurred in the past 22 years.

We must act like if our house is on fire, because it is!

We should never have allowed things to get so bad.
Over half of all emissions in history have happened in the last 25 years, while our governments have been talking about dealing with the problem. The government cannot be allowed to continue to kick the ball into the long grass by setting the date for decarbonisation at 2050.
We need to start acting now.
The 2025 target forces us to do that, because we don’t have 30 years to turn this around, 2050 is NOT what we are asking for!

We are already too late to prevent massive destruction and loss of life.
Droughts, floods, wildfires, typhoons and cyclones are more frequent and severe, killing people and destroying communities right now.
The question now is whether we can act in time to limit the damage – and hopefully avoid the horror of the worst case scenarios.
Most evidence suggests we still just about have time, but 2050 is a generation too late. That would be unforgivable, and very likely utterly catastrophic.

Now is the time to act, the sea is rising, so are we!

Video edited by Alexia P. Hall

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