Monday , June 17 2024
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this photo was taken last year at the boycott fashion action. during this pandem…


this photo was taken last year at the boycott fashion action. during this pandemic, a lot more are comfort buying from fast fashion. this industry has a terrible human rights and environmental record. please do not support fast fashion and buy locally or thrift whenever possible. ⁣⁣
???? while tempted to buy while in lockdown the implications mean these stores see demand and are using this to pressure non-essential workers into risking their lives in unsafe conditions. ⁣⁣
???? fast fashion has awful human rights abuses for its workers who suffer from seriously unsafe conditions and extremely low pay, every year. ⁣⁣
???? fast fashion is one of the TOP polluting industries. emissions from textile manufacturing alone are projected to skyrocket by 60% (@unfccc) . Once-thriving rivers are now biologically dead zones replete with cancer-causing chemicals (vox).⁣
???? time to shift the consumerism culture on fashion- do we really need all of these clothes? how many clothes are being thrown away each year? ⁣⁣
⁣- also check out people doing amazing work on this such as @safia_minney with @slavetofash


Y Not Freakin’ Recyclable Home

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