Tuesday , May 21 2024
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Training children and communities on climate change and disaster preparedness

As we enter the rainy ???? season in the Philippines ????????, we emphasize that increased awareness and enhanced capacities of communities to prepare for a disaster save lives.

???? WATCH how communities in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro created inclusive and collaborative spaces for climate change trainings ????????‍????, planning and addressing issues and concerns, with various vulnerable groups.

“I learned a lot about how greenhouse gases go to the atmosphere and affect warming of our planet ????,” young leaders, Janis and Hazel, said.

Over 1,600 individuals, including those from groups of people with disabilities ♿️, indigenous sectors ⛰, and LGBTQIA+ groups, were trained on inclusive risk assessment, as well as review and updating of contingency plans ????.

“We are working with the community, families ????‍????‍????‍????, and partners ???? in the municipality. We want to make the project inclusive, so that their issue and concerns can be heard, and listened to by the council. Together ????, they can make plans and address those issues,” said Plan International Philippines’ Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist Sandra Saavedra.

“Children ???????? and youth ???????? now have better access to information. They are more keen to use social media [or] Google ????. It is easier for them to research on the effects of climate change and mitigation. They can influence their parents and decision-makers in their communities for them to understand what climate change is and how to mitigate its effects. They can use and maximize that power, and we are here to support,” added Enan Melencio, Plan International’s Country Programme Manager for Disaster Resilience.

The Inclusive Community-Based Disaster Risk Management project aims to increase awareness and enhance disaster preparedness capabilities of community leaders and community residents to protect their families during emergencies. It seeks to ensure that climate change adaptation and mitigation measures are prioritized in the efforts and plans of the local government units.

We are grateful for our partnership with RedR UK for the production of this video.

This video was first published onSource link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing.

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