Using Earth observation satellites to tackle climate change (ice masses & glaciers)

#ClimateChange: A global challenge requires a global perspective – #EarthObservation

Video text:

The ice on Greenland
is melting four times faster
than was predicted.

Ancient glaciers are rapidly disappearing

Greenland has lost
200 billion tonnes of ice
every year
since 2002.

This would be enough
to submerge all of Germany
under 16 metres of water.

Thanks to Earth observation satellites
we know that Antarctica loses
118 billion tonnes of land ice every year.

It is a matter of survival for all of us

But we haven’t yet applied ourselves to this problem with the focus it requires.

Across the world
680 million people
will be directly affected by sea-level rise.

Satellites monitor the rise in sea level.

For many years they have been providing the scientific community with
reliable data on the state of our planet.

These data form the scientific basis for the fight against climate change.

A global challenge requires a global perspective.

More information on the Copernicus satellite fleet, the Sentinel satellite family:


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