[Webinar] Climate Change & Covid-19: A Tale Of Two Crises

Climate change and Covid-19 could have something in common: they both may well stem from our treatment of nature. What lessons can we learn from these two crises?

As part of the #EarthDayKL2020 April celebrations, Friends of Bukit Kiara president, Ir Dr Kriban GN, spoke on a panel hosted by Think City on opportunities presented by both the climate crisis and Covid-19 pandemic to improve our environmental and social resilience.

TimeStamp Topic
0:02:07 General Introduction
0:02:47 Other Events by think city celebrating Earth day
0:04:13 Webinar Format Breakdown
0:05:28 Sofia Castelo Introduction
0:06:50 Introduction to Shifting from crisis to opportunity by building environmental and social resilience
0:07:32 Differences and similarities between the climate emergency and the Covid-19 crisis
0:13:44 Humankind’s connection to nature
0:18:02 Opportunities for climate action
0:19:49 Building social and environmental resilience in a post-Covid world
0:21:15 Promote science-based decision-making processes
0:24:18 Dr Kriban Introduction
0:25:45 Introduction to Community Approach to Covid-19
0:26:17 Lessons to be learnt from the 2 crisis
0:36:32 About FoBK and Bukit Kiara
0:41:23 What is FoBK doing?
0:42:27 River Care & the importance of Bukit Kiara
0:44:58 Gazettement & Management of Bukit Kiara
0:47:32 Closing words on FoBK and call to action
0:49:58 Start of Q&A session
0:50:29 What is Malaysia’s usage in terms of planet resources?
0:51:36 Will we achieve Malaysia’s sustainability goals set in 2015
0:55:29 Short Term vs Long Term Issues & Economic mechanisms for Green Action
0:57:08 Short Term vs Long Term Issues & How to get people to act more sustainably
1:00:01 What will Georgetown look like with a 3 degrees rise
1:03:55 Sophia on actions we can take as individuals
1:05:16 Dr Kriban on actions we can take as individuals
1:07:18 Closing Remarks

This webinar originally happened on 24 April 2020 and the recording has been reposted with full permission by Think City.

This video was first published onSource link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing.

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