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Why the World is Failing to reverse Global Warming I Ahmed Ali Naqvi I Current Affairs I Ep. 11

Why World is Failing on Reversing Global Warming ?
-From Floods in Pakistan to Droughts in Europe, to unprecedented cyclons in Asia and Americas, Global warming is exacting heavy toll on our world. So What is global warming ? What causes it? How it impacts our world ? and Most importantly, why the World is failing to take measures in reversing it ?
Global Warming?
-Average increase in earth’s atomospheric temperature is called Global Warming.
What Causes Global Warming?
-Man made activities(industrialization, transportation etc)
-Warmer atmosphere causes fast melting of glaciers which in turn leads to rise in Sea Level.
-Rise in sea level impacts coastal lands, coastal urban areas. This leads to gradual migration, shifting of Industries creating demographic, economic, and even boundary issues for states.
-Fast mountain glacier melting causes Floods in short term and droughts in long term especially in regions like Himalaya. This in turn causes Food insecurity, economic loss, climate induced migration, poverty etc. Additionally, it also intensifies inter-state and intra-state rivalries.
-Weather pattern changes: Intense and unpredictable weather patterns are also the impact of global warming.
Why World is failing if it is so dangerous ?
-Major Powers rivalary
-North-South divisions
-Resource issues
-Rising nationalist/populist regimes world over
-Economic Challenges at the global level.


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