Saturday , December 9 2023

Why Work Is Killing Us (and the Planet)

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In this Our Changing Climate climate change video essay, I look at why work is killing us and the planet. Specifically, I unpack how wage work under capitalism is inherently a system of exploitation of people and planet. In order to truly forge a zero-carbon world, we must do away with wage work and transform our relationship with work. Culturally, economically, and politically we are forced to work the majority of our lives, often in meaningless positions or doing environmentally destructive tasks. The end of work might start with something like the four-day work week, but it must go farther into establishing a world wherein we don’t have to work to survive but instead work for pleasure.

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0:00 – Intro
1:25 – What Does “Work” Mean?
3:26 – Work Defines Our Lives
7:25 – Meaningless Work
10:40 – What Happens When We Don’t Work?
13:11 – Abolishing Work
16:27 – CuriosityStream and Nebula Sponsorship

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