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A Brief Intro to the History of Climate Change ~ save this post as a good refere…


A Brief Intro to the History of Climate Change ~ save this post as a good reference✨⁣

In ????????????????, a physicist named Joseph Fourier introduces the natural “greenhouse effect” describing how the Earth’s atmosphere and temperature are related. ⁣

In ????????????????, another physicist named John Tyndal, demonstrates how water vapour and certain gases create the “greenhouse effect”. He further explained, the Earth’s “vapour is a blanket more necessary to the vegetable life than clothing is to man”. ⁣
A series of debates conflicted the science community for decades on the greenhouse effect, global warming and what a temperature increase would mean to our planet. In ????????????????, one chemist even argued that coal burning will enhance our atmosphere, benefitting our future generations greatly. ⁣

In ????????????????, an oceanographer named, Roger Revelle, proved seawater will not absorb the additional CO2 entering the atmosphere as many had claimed. ⁣

In ????????????????, the first UN Environment Conference took place in Stockholm. Climate change was barely discussed; issues on chemical pollution, atomic bomb testing and whaling took priority. This led to The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).⁣

In ????????????????, Montreal Protocol agreed to restrict chemicals that damage the ozone layer… although this was not established with climate change in mind. This agreement actually had a greater impact on greenhouse gas emissions than the Kyoto Protocol. ⁣

In ????????????????, Kyoto Protocol agreed that developed nations will reduce emissions by an average of 5% by 2012. In ????????????????, President George W Bush removed the US from the agreement despite being the number on nation contributing to climate change. ⁣

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In researching this, it really opened my eyes to how long climate change has been researched… 200 years. Yet, only in the last two decades [noticeably as information has become more accessible to the public] has real change, movements and agreements been made???? ???? – @pinterest


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