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Heat Wave in March: अबकी बार…..पारा 50 पार! Global Warming | Weather News | Weather News

Heat Wave in March: अबकी बार…..पारा 50 पार! Global Warming | Weather News | Weather News भारत में इस साल 50 डिग्री वाली गर्मी का डर सता रहा है । मार्च के महीने से ही हीट वेव की चेतावनी दी गई है । फरवरी में गर्मी का रिकॉर्ड टूट चुका …

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LUNANA clip Global Warming YT

LUNANA: A YAK IN THE CLASSROOM – In UK Cinemas and On Demand March 10th In LUNANA: A YAK IN THE CLASSROOM a young teacher in modern Bhutan, Ugyen (Sherab Dorji ), shirks his duties while planning to go to Australia to become a singer. As a reprimand, his …

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Dawki Umngot River / Kashi War Jaintia/Meghalaya / Cycling for Global Warming Awareness / Save our 🌍

cyclist from tamilnadu traveling to create global warming awareness,to plant more tress and save our environment Coimbatore To Nepal Cycling | Global Warming Awareness Thanks To Watching Keep Support #meghalaya #kashi #meghalaya #dawki #umngotriver #island #adventure #nature #globalwarming #climatechange #environment #savetheplanet #nature #sustainability #climatecrisis #climate #ecofriendly #climateaction #earth …

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