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As climate change progresses, trees in cities struggle

(16 Nov 2022)
Seattle – 4 October 2022
1. Washington Park Arboretum arborist Shea Cope driving cart
2. UPSOUND (English) Shea Cope, Washington Park Arboretum arborist, looking at a katsura tree
“And it’s you know, obviously, it’s not happy. Normally in the fall, they’ll turn a beautiful golden color.”
3. Close-up of katsure tree showing brown leaves
4. SOUNDBITE (English) Shea Cope, Washington Park Arboretum arborist:
“Every year there’s a, you know, unprecedented or record setting, you know, spring rainfall or summer drought or heat dome or, you know, hottest month on record or driest months on record. You know, and it’s really sporadic, too. It’s not just constantly getting hotter and drier.  I mean last year at this time, we were getting soaked and I think that’s hard on all our trees to deal with, you know”
5. Cope walking and showing stressed pine tree
6. UPSOUND (English) Shea Cope, Washington Park Arboretum arborist, looking at a broadleaf maple:
“You know, you see it on these big leaf maples and hemlocks, and they will just be loaded with cones or seeds. And it’s kind of their last ditch effort to reproduce. They’re like, ‘Oh man, where we can’t really hang on that much longer. Let’s throw out the last little bit of juice we got’.”
7. Stumps left from pine trees cut down
8. UPSOUND (English) Shea Cope, Washington Park Arboretum arborist:
“We’ve lost three significant pine trees in the past year. And last year, they all looked they looked okay.”
Seattle – 31 October 2022
9. Various of dead tree being cut down in Seattle neighborhood
Tacoma, Washington – 20 October 2022
10. SOUNDBITE (English) Hillary Franz, Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands:
“We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the health of our forests and more of our rural, natural areas, as we’ve seen increasing stress on them from disease, insect infestation, drought, leading these catastrophic wildfires. And many people are thinking those trees are the only ones that are unhealthy. But the fact is our urban forests are urban trees are equally as stressed.”
Seattle – 14 November 2022
11. Various of trees among buildings
Seattle – 11 October 2022
12. Sun shining next to trees
13. Dead tree
Bellevue, Washington – 11 October 2022
14. Dead pine
15. SOUNDBITE (English) Rick Bailey, City of Bellevue:
“If that continues to trend, if we continue to have these summers that are abnormally drier and where we have extreme temperatures, we’re just going to continue to see a decline in our natives.”
16. SOUNDBITE (English) Rick Bailey, City of Bellevue:
“And we are looking at some juvenile giant sequoia trees.”
17. Various of juvenile sequoia trees
18. SOUNDBITE (English) Rick Bailey, City of Bellevue:
“We’re starting to plant more of these trees in our open space force in areas because they are drought tolerant. They are disease resistant. They appear to be.”
ARCHIVE: Charleston, South Carolina – 30 September 2022
19. Elm tree knocked down by hurricane
ARCHIVE: London, UK – 24 October 2022
20. City tree knocked down by storm
Petersburg, New York – 1 November 2022
21. SOUNDBITE (English) David Nowak, U.S. Forest Service retired researcher:
“It’s not the gradual change that’s going to be. The problem is these extreme swings of too much water, too little water, too much wind and storm intensities that are going to cause these rapid changes.
Burien, Washington – 27 October 2022

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