Monday , May 20 2024
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BHUMAN – The ugly truth about the beauty industry

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Before covid-19, many of us felt that climate change is an existential crisis for humanity, that it is too late to do anything. As we try to offer support to the many who have been affected by covid-19 (jobs, health, business, loss), there is a renewed sense of hope and unity in humanity.

Our actions matter. There is still time to do something about this. Air pollution dropped significantly around the world during covid. Caged animals were freed (elephants in Thailand used for eco-tourism) because businesses found creative new ways to do business. We read of heart-warming stories of people reaching across the aisle to help one another in need.

Let us be the change we want to see.

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Climate change is a fact.

The weather is getting hotter ???? or colder ☃️. It is getting more humid ⛈ or drier ????. And our skin is exposed to more UV rays and pollution in the air. Meanwhile, beauty brands continue to sell skincare that is made up of mostly water.

Did you know that most skincare contains at least 80% water? Water, an ingredient we already have!?! Imagine the transport footprint.

Beauty brands are essentially shipping tons of water in plastics around the world (????+????in ???? on ???? ). None of this made sense to us.

???? BHUMAN skincare will launch with a powder facial cleanser. Why a cleanser? It is a skincare product that almost everyone uses. This powder facial cleanser BCLEAN is only the beginning, we hope to roll out a wider range after a successful campaign????????.

Our launch is on April 22, Earth Day 2020. Please pledge and help us turn this into a reality.

Thank you, #bhumantribe
Instagram @bhuman8

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