Thursday , May 23 2024
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Can we envisage an Australia not run by climate criminals?

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This is video question submitted, but not selected, for the TV program Q&A — ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) — Monday, June 1, 2020: Our Energy Future.


In November last year the United Nations published the Production Gap report. It warns that the world’s governments have planned to produce so much fossil fuel that by 2030, the resulting CO2 emissions from burning it would be more than twice the levels consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

If these government plans are not cancelled, then within 10 years our planet will be condemned to more than 3 degrees warming.

Australians who know about the Production Gap report are signing a House of Representatives e-petition that asserts that a fossil fuel-lead gas recovery would be anti-science, immoral, and an international crime.

Can the panel envisage an alternative future in which Australia bans new fossil fuel projects, encourages other countries to do likewise, and becomes a leader of the world’s response to the climate emergency?

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