Thursday , July 18 2024
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Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change: A Different Take on the Topics with William Happer

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News of a worsening climate crisis is everywhere. It’s accepted as fact by many, including top scientists and experts. But is there any evidence to suggest that the climate isn’t in the state we believe it is?
William Happer shares an eye-opening perspective that’s scientifically backed but nearly unheard of.

Tune in to discover:

• Why carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but “the gas of life.”
• Current levels of carbon dioxide are exceptionally low in the context of geographical history — why are we being told otherwise?
• Why wind and solar energy drive rising costs of electricity and must always be backed up by fossil fuels.
• The negative environmental impacts of electric vehicles and wind and solar energy.
• Why banning fossil fuels would have horrendous consequences

Happer is a Cyrus Fogg Bracket Professor of Physics Emeritus in the Department of Physics at Princeton University. An impressive amount of research in physics eventually led him to climate and environmental research. It didn’t take long for him to realize that there was something unique about these fields: reluctance and defensiveness instead of open-mindedness and authentic scientific inquiry, even by research leaders.

Happer offers his opinion of why this is the case and explores the science of energy and climate change from an angle you probably haven’t heard.

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