Friday , April 19 2024
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Climate change impacts in the Middle East & North Africa – Greenpeace MENA – Red Sea, Egypt

A short documentary 🎞️ on the effects of climate change on the Red Sea, Egypt 🇪🇬, where climate-impacted ecosystems and coral reefs take a toll on fishing communities.

This documentary is part of a series produced by Greenpeace Middle East and North Africa (MENA) presenting the grave impact of climate change on communities and the natural world in six countries around the region.

The documentaries were produced to coincide with the publication of a new report from Greenpeace Research Laboratories, entitled ‘Living on the Edge: The Implications of Climate Change for Six Countries in the Middle East North Africa Region’.

The report presents details of how ecosystems, inhabitants and livelihoods in Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates are all suffering from the impacts of rampant climate change.

To find out more and engage with our climate justice campaign
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Greenpeace غرينبيس


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