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Climate Change is Dangerous , Why Floods and Typhoons ?

Today we will be talking about the climate change and how it will be effecting the world. Before we begin, please like and subscribe to our channel.
Significant, protracted changes in the world’s climate are referred to as climate change. The sun, earth, oceans, wind, rain, snow, forests, deserts, savannas, and human activity all contribute to the overall climate of the world. For example, New York’s climate can be characterised by its annual temperature variations, rainfall, and other factors. It also highlights how shifting global ocean currents melt Antarctic ice, which causes sea levels to rise gradually until New York is submerged. This systemic interconnectedness is what makes global climate change both crucial and challenging.

Floods due to Global Warming?
Because a greater proportion of the energy (heat) striking the globe from the sun is being trapped in the atmosphere and not radiating out into space, global warming is the gradual rise in the average temperature of the world’s atmosphere. The globe has always had temperatures that allowed the birth of living forms as we know them, including humans. This is because the earth’s atmosphere acts as a greenhouse to trap the sun’s heat.
The earth would be quite chilly without the greenhouse effect of our atmosphere. However, global warming is comparable to a greenhouse with high efficiency reflecting glass built in the incorrect orientation. Ionically, the worst cooling episode that occurred around 1,500 years ago may be the finest source of evidence for this. A year apart, two enormous volcanic eruptions produced so much black dust in the upper sky that little sunlight could reach the ground. Temperatures fell dramatically. Failures occurred in the crops. As the Black Death began to spread, many perished from famine. The sun could once more warn the world as the dust gradually descended to earth, and things resumed as usual.
Today, we face the exact opposite issue. The issue now is not that too little sunlight reaches the planet; rather, it is that too much of it is being trapped in our atmosphere. The earth is retaining so much heat inside its greenhouse effect that its temperature is rising more quickly than it ever has. An outstanding educational resource on the science of global warming is provided by NASA.

Global Warming drive Climate Change?
Heat is energy, and every system will alter when you add energy to it. The global climate changes as a result of the addition of heat energy since every system in the system is interconnected. The ocean, which covers a large portion of the earth, heats up. More water evaporation into clouds occurs as the ocean heats up.
Where hurricanes and typhoons form, more energy-intensive storms are the end outcome. The Polar ice cap, the enormous ice shield protruding off of Antarctica, glaciers and mountain snowpacks, all of which melt as a result of a warmer atmosphere, contribute to rising sea levels.
Changes in temperature affect the major wind patterns that bring the monsoons to Asia and rain and snow to other parts of the world, increasing the frequency of drought and unpredictable weather. For this reason, scientists are now more interested in the broader subject of climate change rather than just global warming.


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