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Climate Change Warming Stripes Video

AAIP (Alien Artificial Intelligence Probe)
The AAIP, once again, materialised instantly in near space over the planet known as ‘Earth’. Switching on awareness modules it scanned for anomalies against expected outcomes – 2 issues:

1. the 2020 (Earth timeframe) coronavirus / covid-19 pandemic was classified as ‘NAR’ (No Action Required).

2. the latest climate results had increased beyond expectations raising concerns over long term viability of indigenous life. On analysis the probable cause was the ‘human species’ propensity to over consumption. One possible solution – create another MEE (Mass Extinction Event).

The AAI transmitted report to Command Matrix – Core Universe then engaged ‘standby mode’ and awaited decision on next action.

Just a simple sci-fi story about an alien AI probe monitoring Earths ‘vital signs’ over the millennia inspired by seeing the global climate stripes data image at a Data Visualisation meetup event.

This is a music art project to increase awareness of climate change over the years in bonnie Scotland and is released to promote COP 26: EDINBURGH events running in parallel to The Official United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) (contingent on coronavirus / covid-19 pandemic situation).

The coloured stripes come from the annual average temperature data for Scotland from 1884-2018. The video is an animation of 134 frames representing the average individual temperature data sets for each year. The colour reflects the intensity of average heat data which is echoed on the Scotland image. The music / sounds are a collection of 1 second clips cut from 134 digitalTRAFFIC tracks. These were synced to each image randomly and there is no correlation between the sound, temperature data or colour for that year.

Credits and Thanks:
Ed Hawkins and team for kind permission to use the ‘Warming Stripes’ Scotland image – #showyourstripes

Core Images:
‘Reproduced with permission of the National Library of Scotland’ ‘Reproduced with permission of the NASA’


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