Tuesday , May 21 2024
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Climate Risk and Corporations | Puninda Thind on SustainED

Puninda Thind is a Sustainability Consultant for the Delphi Group, a Canadian strategic consultancy providing solutions in the areas of climate change. She works with clients to advance sustainability strategies and climate risk disclosures. She is also active in her local community as a World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Shaper with the Toronto Hub. Puninda has been recognized as one of Canada’s top 30 under 30 sustainability leaders by Corporate Knights.

To learn more about Puninda Thind and other inspiring people in sustainability fields check out: https://www.sustainedgroup.org/webinar


0:10 Tell us about yourself?
0:49 Why is it important that you do what you do?
1:48 What are some key stats or stories you want us to know?
5:10 What is the effect of COVID-19 on Canadian emissions?
7:55 Which sectors are most active in combatting climate change?
9:37 Has there been a change in mindset since people began calling it a climate emergency?
12:25 What companies are leading the change?
14:10 What’s your job like?
16:15 What project are you currently working on and what are the challenges?
17:45 Are you involved in disclosures for climate investing reasons?
21:45 How did you get to where you are?
27:56 How do you gain the confidence to speak up?
29:54 How do you deal with failure?
31:19 What would you tell your younger self, knowing what you know now?
34:14 How do you create a positive collaboration experience?
37:39 What small things can we do and how can we have impactful conversations about climate change?
40:45 What’s been a big lifestyle change you’ve implemented?
42:25 How do you empower students to take action?


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With the climate and sustainability challenges we are facing now, we need more leaders to grow quickly, learn the lessons and be more effective at driving change, in order for us to solve the problems and have a future. SustainED exists to empower leaders of tomorrow to act now, grow, and make impact with mentors from a network of professionals and leaders.

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