Monday , May 27 2024
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Climate Truth for Parents – what you REALLY need to know.

This series is aimed as parents because I too am a parent. So I feel like it’s like one parent talking to another. But really it’s for anyone who loves kids.

Let’s all agree that as parents, we share one common job, which is more important than any other job or commitment we have. That is to keep our children safe . That’s our number one task – and to ensure that they prosper and thrive as they grow to become adults.

If we can agree that, no matter what our backgrounds, politics and beliefs are, this is our common purpose, then we need to come together now like never before and take calm but fiercely determined action on behalf of our kids.

When it comes to the climate emergency, I would hate it if any parent that I know said to me in 5 or 10 years time, “I just wish I had known.” I’ve certainly talked to many parents over the years about why climate breakdown (and its broader impacts) are the biggest threat to our kids, but I can’t be sure I’ve talked about it with EVERY parent I know! And I hope this message will also reach parents that I don’t know.

Right now in this Post-COVID-19 recovery phase, decisions are being made about where to put an unprecedented amount of public money. That’s your money and mine. We absolutely need this stimulus to the economy after the terrible impacts on businesses and households during the pandemic lockdown. However, if that money is wasted on propping up industries of the past, rather than kick-starting industries of the future, where there are huge global growth prospects, it will be a squandered opportunity that we may never get back.

The economic stimulus is a chance to solve 2 big problems at once. The economic impact of the shutdown and the MUCH BIGGER problem of the climate emergency.

Unfortunately the “gas-led recovery” now being proposed is taking us in completely the wrong direction. It is climate suicide and is exactly the opposite of what we need to ensure our children are safe, prosper, thrive and enjoy life.

It also means that Australia is putting the people of other nations at risk, including the many nations that are cooperating in trying to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions. Historically, we have never been a nation of shirkers, we have stood up and done our part and we take pride in that. We need to step up and take responsibility as other nations are, so that we can stand proudly once again on the world stage. Frustratingly, it is not everyday Australians who are doing the wrong thing by the rest of the world. It is the small handful of decision makers, unduly influenced by vested interests that are doing us political harm in our international relations.

Truth is the only way forward in any situation. Otherwise all of our efforts are effectively a waste of time. We need to put truth on the table about the climate breakdown, what the experts (not the politicians, media or industrial lobbyists) are saying we need to do and we need to put truth on the table about the solutions – especially about the fact that we have all the technology we need right now. We don’t need a “technology roadmap” that prevents us using the technology we can use right now.


In this series of videos, we will be meeting a range of experts to find out the truth about:

1. What we and our children are facing with climate breakdown.
2. Why do we get the feeling that we haven’t been told the truth about
climate change? Where has the misinformation come from and why?
3. Who is making the decisions in Australia right now that dictates what Australia does about this problem?
4. Who is most influencing the decision makers? Media, industry lobbyists.
5. How are we as a nation, performing as a global citizen as far as climate action?
6. What will it cost us to do what we need to do on climate?
7. What will it cost us if we DON’T take the action needed?

Over the past few decades, we have accepted things that we should never have accepted. Now we have to be stronger than this. We need to take a deep breath and decide that we will no longer be disengaged from public discourse, where it is vital for our children. We will no longer be ignorant about the things that really matter.

We will encourage each other to achieve rapid cultural change in Australia at all levels, so that we return to being a nation that does our fair share and acts responsibly. Because when you look at our current performance on climate change compared to other countries, we need to say to ourselves:

Australians are smarter than this,
Australians are more big-hearted and kinder than this,
Australians are more courageous than this and
Australians aren’t this boring! (we can imagine bigger and better than this.)

First we need to establish the truth, re-engage with it and for each and every one of us in our own lives, to pivot from “doing our best” to “doing what is necessary” for our kids and our world.

This video was first published onSource link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing.

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