Saturday , May 18 2024
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Did you know that almost all species of sea turtle are now classified as extinct…


Did you know that almost all species of sea turtle are now classified as extinct❓@wwf And WE are the main cause. But if things don’t change (ASAP), it’s not only the life of baby turtles like the cutie in the photo that are in danger. Your children and your children’s children will not know of the Earth as we know of it today. The damage we are causing is irreversable. But not yet globally fatal (only if we talk about human life, not wildlife, that is). If we do not change our habits, we will soon start suffering the consequences on a global scale, something that the deadly COVID-19 virus has shown is something we are not ready for. On the positive side, COVID-19 has also proven to us our Courageous Character when it comes to Collaboration, our Efficient and Exhaustive Efforts in the face of global Emergency, and our Strong Sense of Solidarity.

Emergency – the state of our current climate.

Collaboration – what is needed to improve this state of Emergency.

Solidarity – the movement, the community and the only force capable of getting us through these devastating and deadly situations.

At Solidarify we truly believe that change begins with action and education. For this we try and raise awareness of these urgent problems, because we are sure that when enough of us raise our voices, the people “in charge” will be forced to take action as we do. Spread the word, share the message, and let us BE the change that will make for a better and safer future for our little ones.
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Awareness starts with action!
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