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DOUG DIETRICH | LAST HOUR ‘O’ TRANSMISSION : Sndy 042620 (Sunday, April 26th, 2020)


Topics Covered in this Episode:

Hillary Clinton

Cathy O’Brien

Secret World War II Chemical Experiments Tested Troops By Race

White Supremacists Encouraging Members to Spread Coronavirus to People of Color, Jews, Cops: FBI

Over 40% Of San Diego Residents Turned To Food Banks Last Month

Alternative Media, Propaganda, and Disinformation


Dangerous Conspiracy Theories Targeting 5G Technology, Bill Gates, and the World of Fear That’s Being Formulated Between Your Ears

Oakland Law Enforcement

Military Human Trafficking (Solution: Reinstatement of the draft and establishment of an all Female United States Police Force)

Sandy Gallant and James Channing

Rodney King Riot Massacre

New Book by Peter Moon and Douglas Dietrich

Bill Gates

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

Violence Against Women and Domestic Abuse

Novia Scotia Mass Killing

Edwin Lee

Coronavirus, COVID-19, Reopenings

1918 American Army Flu

Antibodies, Immunity

We Need:
-Testing, Surveillance, and Rapid Response to New Cases
-Hospital Capacity
-Expedite Production and Distribution for Antibody Testing
-Research and Development

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Novia Scotia Mass Killing:

Russian Interference, Propaganda, IRA (Internet Research Agency), Phobia of Women, Hillary Clinton, Transgender Rights, Human Rights, Climate Emergency, NRA (National Rifle Association):

5G Technology, Applications, and False Conspiracy Theories:

Trump’s Ongoing Collusion with Russia:

Mueller Report and Indictments References, Solipsism, PSY-OPS (Psychological Operations):

Michael Aquino, QAnon, Mass Shootings, Far Right Terrorism Network:

Russian Insurgency, Information Warfare, Violence Against Women, Gun Violence,  Climate Change:

Defending Digital Democracy, Feminism, Climate Emergency:

American White Male Supremacist Domestic Terrorists Radicalized by Alternative Media on the Internet:

Social Media, Helping the Decline of Democracy Worldwide:

Alternative Media Deconstructed, Repeal the First Amendment, Social Media Disinfo Agents Diamond and Silk:

The First Amendment and Lingua Safety Reform (Safety from Hate Speech and Fake News):

As Virus Spreads, China and Russia See Openings for Disinformation:

“Wednesday’s action plan would single out Russia as a repeated offender using systematic, large-scale disinformation campaigns.”:

Disinformation Can Kill, Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Infographic:

Totalitarian Regimes Love Conspiracy Theories:

Stay-At-Home Protests Come after Disinformation Campaigns Encourage Rioting Amid COVID-19 Outbreaks:

Lesson from History: Cities That Enforced Social Distancing During 1918 Flu Pandemic Had Best Economic Rebounds and Less Fatalities:

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