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EcoRep Final Project: Coronavirus and Climate Change. It's a match!?!?

This video presents as a final project in the Eco-Rep Program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. It is widely known that the Eco-Rep Program provides a platform for students to exchange ideas about sustainability issues, and discuss how to make the campus and the world a better place.

The video is produced by Yip Yuk Long (Ryan), a junior exchange student from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He majors in Environmental Science, with anticipated minors in Psychology and Biology. Throughout this program in Spring 2020, Ryan took the initiative to interact with students with diverse majors, ranging from Business to Sustainable Community Development to Biochemistry.

In Ryan’s final project, he begins by addressing his current situation, followed by elucidating how the deadly coronavirus pandemic correlated to climate change, which is another global issue that makes the Earth ‘ill’. He further mentions the existence of the coronavirus entails a temporary reduction of greenhouse gas production, and air pollutants produced by anthropogenic causes such as transportation and industrial production. At the end of the video, he reiterates the emergency and seriousness of the problem and delivers an important message that climate change encompasses our daily lives and is not disconnected from reality. Acknowledging that it is not a myth or a hoax, further measures from various sectors have to be adopted to reduce the likelihood of exacerbation. He also wishes everyone to find this video valuable and develop a deeper understanding of climate change, global coronavirus pandemic, along with the interrelationship between both.

All scientific data, including facts and analytics, will be mentioned in the video and used for references. References will be provided below. Thank you very much for watching and I hope every one of you is staying safe and healthy.

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