Thursday , August 18 2022

Global Journalist: Indonesia's rapid deforestation

Indonesia has one of the world’s largest remaining areas of tropical forests. From tigers to orangutans to Sumatran elephants, the forests support a stunning array of wildlife. They also soak up huge amounts of climate-warming carbon dioxide.

But an area of Indonesian forest the size of Delaware is cleared each year by loggers and palm oil companies. On this edition of Global Journalist, a look at the consequences of Indonesia’s rapid deforestation.

Joining the program:
*Amanda Korstjens, an ecologist at the University of Bournemouth and director of the Landscape Ecology and Primatology (LEAP) project.

*Rolf Skar, forest campaign director for Greenpeace USA.

*Anja Lillegraven, head of the southeast Asia and Oceania division at the Rainforest Foundation Norway.

*Laurel Neme, an author and journalist who has covered the issue for National Geographic and Huffington Post.

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