Sunday , July 21 2024
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Global Warming | Is This End of Earth?

The global temperature has increased by 0.8 degree Celsius over the past 100 years due to global warming.
Climate experts predict that global temperature will rise by 4 degree Celsius by the end of 21st century.
As temperature increases, our glaciers will start melting and so sea level will increase.Global precipitation will increase by 7% for each degree of warming.
As Carbon Di oxide quantity in Ocean increases, it becomes more acidic. Warmer water and increase of acidity has already resulted in the death of 25% of world’s coral reefs over the last few decades.
The significant change of temperature, weather and floods will force animal and human life to migrate. But plant life and many animal species that can’t migrate will face extinction.
Warmer temperature will help more pathogens to grow throughout world, which were mainly confined in tropical regions earlier. Some deadliest virus that may be extinct today but still present in some frozen glacier, will once again come in contact with animal life once glacier starts melting.

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