Is Coronavirus Shifting Consciousness?

The world is in the midst of an existential crisis as the Coronavirus disrupts our sense of who we are and what is possible. Pulled from the routine of normal life, we are forced to reckon with our shared vulnerability, impending mortality, and the ultimate purpose of our lives. Will this enforced pause create the shift in consciousness we so desperately need or will the concerns for safety and security reinforce entrenched ways of being?

Join Gail Bradbrook, Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion, and Ronan Harrington, Founder of Alter Ego, to make sense of the potential for this moment to encourage a collective shift in consciousness.


Gail Bradbrook is co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, the global political movement that has put Climate Emergency on the Political Agenda.

Ronan is the founder of Alter Ego, a network of social changer makers that are pioneering developmental culture and systems change. He has worked as a Political Strategist for Extinction Rebellion UK and Futurist at the British Foreign Office.

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