Wednesday , February 28 2024

Is it Too Late to Slow Global Warming to 1.5 Degrees Celcius?

Every fraction of a degree matters!

👋 Fed up with climate doom?
We are too, so we’re building Pique Action, a new media company discovering stories on climate solutions.

We’re the opposite of doomscrolling.

🧪 What’s next, yet being developed right now to solve climate change?
That’s at the core of our first series, NextNow, profiling the innovative founders and the groundbreaking solutions to the climate crisis. In each episode, we identify a different climate challenge and how these innovative teams are working to solve them. From Bangalore to the Bay Area, we highlight the scientific breakthroughs and creative approaches that are being applied to solve climate change.
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Environmentalist, Futurist, Lightworker, Wannabe naturalist. The way we are treating our world and environment is not going to end well! We need to change course NOW.

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