Friday , April 19 2024
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Kapaligiran (Environment) by Asin (Salt) – with English subtitles

Asin (Salt) are a Filipino group that began life as a trio, in the 1970s, when they were known as Salt of the Earth. They subsequently became a quartet. A very popular Pinoy folk band, they weren’t afraid to sing about controversial issues, which sometimes got them into rather deep water. In recent years their popularity has waned a little, but their perennial message is especially pertinent now, with Earth Day having only just been celebrated… and at a time when scientists are warning of an impending 6th Extinction Event, due to Mankind’s carelessness over stewardship of the Earth. The climate emergency that Asin are singing about, in this song, is a key reason that many of us are now choosing a vegan diet – which is of course the main topic of this channel, ‘Towards Veganism’. The lead singer of Asin, Lolita Carbon, recently sang the 1978 song Kapiligiran (which means ‘Environment’) at the ‘Battle for Manila Bay – A Year After’ event, in January, to celebrate the highly successful campaign led by Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to clean up the heavily polluted Manila & Baseco Bays and their surrounding areas. Asin deserves wider recognition among today’s socially aware generation, and it would be great to see the group experience a resurgence of interest in (and demand for) its lovely music. Perhaps Kapiligiran could even become the ultimate late-Anthropocene protest song! For those who aren’t fortunate enough to speak Tagalog, the lyrics have been subtitled in English. While these might not represent an exact match – word for word – with the originals, every effort has been made to capture the latter’s true, haunting meaning, and the urgent message that they hold for our modern, tormented world.

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