Thursday , April 18 2024
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Media Wrongly Blames Climate Change for Yosemite Park Fire

The corporate media is predictably latching onto the wildfire at Yosemite Park as another example of climate change in action. You’d think the fact that a person started this fire would be deterrence enough, but no. The media will take any opportunity they can to push the climate alarmism narrative.

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Thanks, Fox News, For Telling the Truth About Forest (Mis)Management

The Columbia Missourian Makes a Major Blunder on Climate Change and Yosemite Fire

Yosemite blaze was a ‘human-start fire,’ park superintendent says

Four companies are top sources of US greenhouse gas, methane emissions: report

World Economic Forum: Gas Prices Must Go Even Higher — to Save Democracy

Dutch farmers protest against green reforms

Eating human corpses ‘could solve global warming crisis’, mad scientist claims


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