Medicine Men / The Art of Health: The Future is Unwritten – A UN75 Moderated Dialogue (Livestream)

Medicine Men / The Art of Health in partnership with the World Health Organization brings together physician artists and curators to explore the healing power of art as a driver for improved health, education and social justice at this critical time.

The discussion will be moderated by WHO’s Arts & Health Lead, Christopher Bailey with panelists Chip Thomas, aka Jetsonorama, Artist Physician based on the Navajo Nation and Founder of The Painted Desert Project; Kōan Jeff Baysa, Curator Physician and Founder of Honolulu Biennal Foundation, Director of iBiennale, and Co-Founder of Joshua Treenial; and Ahmed Mater, Artist Physician based in Riyadh and Founder of Pharan Studio and Co-Founder of Edge of Arabia.

Following the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, the discussion is framed within the dual crisis of a global pandemic and a climate emergency. The panelists will share their journeys from Medicine to Art, and explore the values of service, healing and collectivism that have guided their practice. From the Mountains of Southern Arabia, to the deserts of the Navajo Nation, to the hectic glamour of the international art world, we ask how art can play a role in healing individuals, communities and societies both now and in the future. This dialogue features the perspectives of Medicine Men and we acknowledge the views of Medicine Women are not included in this panel discussion.

Medicine Men / The Art of Health marks the third in a series of UN75 Dialogues by The Future is Unwritten, a New York-based initiative by CULTURUNNERS and World Council of Peoples for the United Nations (WCPUN), produced in 2020 in partnership with UN75 to engage the arts and culture sector in United Nations global policy discussions and implementation efforts.

The one-hour discussion will be followed by a public Q&A and conclude with a video about Chip Thomas’ (aka Jetsonorama) The Painted Desert Project produced by KQED Arts in San Francisco.

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