Tuesday , May 21 2024
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Mother Dog Found Dragging Her Puppies In A Crate On The Side Of The Road


A mother dog and her four puppies are doing well after an animal shelter says they were found in a horrible situation along the side of a dirt road.

McIntosh County Animal Services in Darien, Georgia, said on Facebook last week that a man and his son had spotted the dog with her collar attached to a crate that contained four puppies. She was dragging the crate behind her as she walked.

“We know there is evil in this world and this just further proves that!” the organization wrote in a post that’s since gone viral. “This poor mama dog watched as someone put her four young puppies into a wire crate and then tied a blue belt around her collar and then tied the belt to this crate and left them down a dirt road!!!”

The dog family was “covered with fleas, with ticks and feces. They smelled really, really bad,” Marianna Hagan, the county animal services director, told local news station WTOC. The Facebook post also noted that they were “very thirsty.”

After some baths and veterinary care, however, all are doing much better. WTOC reporter Amanda Aguilar posted a video on Wednesday showing the five dogs playing in the grass.

They’re also being moved to the care of a different organization ― Fancy Cats and Dogs Rescue Team in Virginia. Fancy Cats and Dogs posted on Facebook Friday that it’s accepting applications to foster the dogs until they’re ready to be adopted to someone permanently.

The rescue is also asking people to suggest names for the dogs in the post’s comments, noting that the puppies include two boys and two girls.

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