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NASA: “EVERYONE'S Lying!! North America's Worst Disaster Is About To Happen!

Climate change has sparked a major debate amongst top climatology experts on how weather
patterns are being affected by rising surface temperatures but it appears not all experts agree
on how this effect is happening. As it turns out, We were Wrong: The North Pacific is cooling
and Antarctica is growing.
Weather patterns have seen some remarkable changes in the past decades, something which
many might attribute to Climate Change but as it turns out, experts disagree that these changes
might not be caused by Climate change at all.
One of the major countries that sits right in the middle of these fluctuating weather changes is
Australia. The country has been drastically affected by the famous La Ninã winds resulting in
major flooding and cooler summers on the country’s east coast for the past couple of years. For
those of us who might not be conversant with the La Ninã weather phenomenon, let’s break it
down for you.
La Niña is a major part of a natural climatic cycle that blows cool air over the tropical Pacific
ocean. It is one part of a larger cycle with the other part being El Niño, which blows much
warmer winds than La Niña. Both weather events alternate effects on both ends of the central
and eastern tropical Pacific with sea surface temperatures varying between both events. Both
weather events are collectively called the El Nino–Southern Oscillation or ENSO. The varying
effects of La Ninã and El Niño have monumental effects on weather patterns bringing severe
tropical rains and floods to one region while simultaneously bringing droughts to others and the
cycle shifts. Although the climatic effects and impacts of ENSO are largely felt in regions around
the tropical Pacific, these effects can very well extend to any part of the Globe making ENSO
the prevalent force in driving global interannual climate variability. The effects of ENSO on
precipitation and temperature change are prominently felt around East and Southern Africa,
Southeast Asia, Western Americas, Australia, and Antarctica.

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