Ocean Climate Action Webinar

In a time of crisis, we look for hope and action. The climate crisis prompted millions of youth around the world to demand action, and a “Green New Deal,” was born. But the Green New Deal lacked the “Blue.” The Center for the Blue Economy has partnered with Blue Frontier to put ocean and coasts front and center in climate solutions.

On Wednesday, April 29th, we hosted a webinar that looked in depth at the issues of addressed by the Ocean Climate Action Plan (#BlueNewDeal).

After introductory remarks by Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Congresswoman Deb Haaland of New Mexico, Congressman Joe Cunningham of South Carolina, and Ms. Franceska De Oro, youth activist from Guam, we spent one hour on each of the four parts of the plan:

Session #1: Financing & Coastal Adaptation (Financing mechanisms for coastal adaptation, in the context of social justice)

Session #2: Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Marine Biodiversity Conservatio (Climate adaptation solutions in fisheries and aquaculture, including adaptive MPAs)

Session #3: Offshore Renewable Energy (The challenges facing offshore clean energy and onshore links, including ocean zoning)

Session #4: Ports & the Maritime Sector (Greening ports and shipping and decarbonizing other maritime industries.)


Open this document in your browser to see the start/end times of each section of the Ocean Climate Action Webinar, and bios of the speakers: https://www.middlebury.edu/institute/sites/www.middlebury.edu.institute/files/2020-05/WEBINAR-OCAP-VideoNavigation-REV.pdf?fv=CTGIM6-d


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• Add Your Voice: We encourage the public to give further feedback on Draft #2 of the Ocean Climate Action Plan, available at centerfortheblueeconomy.org. Please send comments by May 31st to be considered for Draft #3 to cbe@miis.edu.

• Next Steps: After Draft #3 is finished, we will hold meetings with key experts and stakeholders to begin the process of translating the final recommendations into legislative language. Our goal is strong local and federal ocean climate policy signed into law as soon as possible.

Thank you for joining with us on this journey. We have a long way to go, but we can and must prevail.

The Climate Emergency is an Ocean Emergency.
There is No Time to Waste.

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