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Parallel Session 1B: Multidimensional vulnerabilities, inaqualities and climate change

When global crises in several areas and civil society mobilization for a just transition are multiplying, sustainability of development trajectories and the need for greater consistency of SDGs have risen to the forefront of many debates. Anchored in a context where economic issues often take precedence over longer-term environmental problems, these debates have contributed to bring the notion of strong sustainability – the AFD 15th International Research Conference flagship topic – back to the spotlight.

The conference’s multidisciplinary program is designed around three principles of strong sustainability: non-substitutability between capitals, multidimensionality, and the social construct. The event comprises two academic days and one open discussion day: 7 plenary sessions and 13 parallel sessions will combine theoretical insights, testimonies, and recommendations for the public and private sectors to address better political, environmental, economic, and social challenges in the field of development.

00:00 Introduction by the moderator Anda David, Senior Economist, Inequality and Migration Officer at the Economic Diagnostics and Public Policy Department, AFD
01:52 Presentation “Multi-dimensional inequalities, climate governance and livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa” by Ms. Britta Rennkamp, Senior Researcher, African Climate & Development Institute, University of Cape Town
21:55 Presentation “Who is multidimensionally vulnerable to climate change in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa?” by Dr. Muna Shifa, Senior Researcher Officer, Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit, University of Cape Town
42:16 Presentation “The dissonances of poverty, growth and inequality – Understanding the different trajectories of poverty, growth, inequality and development” by Dr. Murray Leibbrandt, Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit, University of Cape Town
1:05:16 Q&A Session

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