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Replacing Darwin 124 the last horse race & ICR global warming evasions

Evolution Hour 255 Jeanson hits horses one last time, citing again Jonsson 2014 but bypassing their conclusion, that “Equus first diverged in the New World, spread across the Old World 2.1–3.4 Mya, and finally experienced major demographic expansions and collapses coinciding with past climate changes” and Orlando 2013 covering several million years.

That was two of only four sources in his book relating to horses, which we bumped into earlier as they came up, the others being: Higuchi 1984 on the quagga (but not the more recent Leonard 2005 on how the stripes were lost)—neither are open access alas.

Better luck on the fourth, Huang 2014 tracing genetic mutations over 22 million years. So all Jeanson is doing is compressing a species appearance into the Big Slosh time frame, where of course it will appear generally linear as its reflecting millions of years, the blips smoothed out because of how he’s scrunching it up.

All of this connects to biogeography (horses appearing in the Americas originally) so Jeanson conveniently avoids even a hint at a viable Big Slosh alternative.

Part 2 Continuing the saga of bad methods yielding bad results in other areas than just Big Slosh creationism, James Johnson 2019 questioned whether global warming threatens bird habitats. His one seeming technical source was Burke 2019 actually a general commentary piece at a website, on which Johnson opined “Burke’s rush to blame global warming ignores habitat range history such as the impact of cattle egrets introduced from Africa during the 20th century, as well as range dynamics involving other bird populations.”

Egrets are more aggressive than the herons, and while that would play a part when it comes to sharing a space, it wouldn’t make the changes to the spaces due to climate alteration go away. There are studies in heron and egret habitats and interactions in Florida Strong 1997 and Cook 2011, while others attend to Texas

This will be the last Evolution Hour for December, but we’ll be back in Jan 2023, the weekend after New Years.

Thanks to all your help, I’m doing my part on the science defense front, having written THE coverage of how antievolutionists ignore the reptile-mammal transition macroevolution evidence which paleontologist Christine Janis described in her Amazon review as “an incredible tour de force”

And now the new with Jackson Wheat puts the Source Methods scalpel to use carving YEC to pieces. Volume 2 is in the works, with even more neat stuff not included in Vol 1.

Source Methods works as a debate approach too. For example, catch my 2018 debate with Kent Hovind Draw freely on all the work assembled at TIP “Troubles in Paradise: The Methodology of Creationism” share the pdfs freely.

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