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Hidden Pathways to Extinction – Global warming is just a small part of the process

Giovanni Strona is an ecologist and a researcher at the European Commission. His Springer book “Hidden Pathways to Extinction” shares the multitude of pathways that can lead to biodiversity loss. According to the book, global warming’s effect on the survival of species is only one small part of the complex …

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Share your Part to Stop Climate change and Global Warming//#Shorts

#rising sea levels, #Climate change #severethunderstorms #natural disasters #droughts #floods #extreme weather events #Global warming #action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions #transition to clean energy sources. #reducing waste carbon emissions #renewable energy energy #reforestation source

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Big Oil's Big Lies: How the industry denied global warming – Part 2 | People and Power

More than 40 years ago, the world’s largest and most profitable oil companies began to understand the effects their products were having on our climate. Their own scientific research told them so – well before it became common knowledge. But for the next four decades – time we could have …

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