Monday , May 27 2024
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The Climate Crisis: Myths & Mentalities

Finally finished this video despite having BTEC software lol I made this thumbnail on Word. Done my best with my circumstances hahahaha

Pls share this video around, especially if you know anyone who the content directly applies to!

I felt compelled to make this after seeing countless people saying they can’t wait til the Covid-19 crisis is over and we are ‘back to normal’ – What is normal? This crisis is our ‘normal’. I want people to remember that.

The purpose of this video is to:
1. Give a basic understanding of what’s going on to anyone who doesn’t know (although I barely scratched the surface)
2. To challenge people who may have any of these mentalities – which pretty much includes anyone not already on board!

It is not meant to put anyone down or come across negative, but to encourage people to rethink their mindsets and be real with themselves.

Incase you didn’t catch it before, this is an extremely urgent problem, yet it is so misunderstood. We cannot afford to let these misconceptions/defense mechanisms to continue.

I will probably be doing an actual review of the book I mentioned (The Future We Choose) as i’m not even halfway but there’s lots of useful information in it.

Happy to discuss anything with anyone in the comments or dm me on instagram! Be decent tho hahaha

1. In the video, I didn’t mention anything about the current, separate crisis we are currently dealing with. I understand that everyone’s a little preoccupied and it could be seen as insensitive to talk about something unrelated (sort of). However this video is not meant to overwhelm anyone and I am not undermining the importance of the Covid-19 crisis. However, we need to remember that this has not gone away, to be ever-conscious. Once the immediate crisis is over, we are not ‘back to normal’. I wish I could upload a more uplifting video as the first however this has been playing on my mind for a long time.

2. As mentioned in the video, I am not perfect and also don’t know everything. Lots of generalisations were made in this video – the purpose was only to provide a starting point of understanding for people who don’t understand, and to counter certain mindsets.

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