Wednesday , April 17 2024
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The COVID Pandemic and the Climate Emergency: Lessons in Governance

On May 27th, CFGS Associate Fellow and Strategic Advisor for the POLIS Water Sustainability Project, Jonathan (jon) O’Riordan joined us to discuss what the elements of good governance are for managing emergencies, how fit for this purpose current levels of government are, and what kind of creative governance solutions are required to tackle the climate emergency.

Details: The presentation will cover the following three topics: “What are the elements of good governance for managing emergencies?”; “How fit for purpose are current levels of government?” and “What creative solutions in governance are required to tackle the climate emergency?”. The conclusions are that none of the current forms of governance can avert a climate emergency. The creative solutions involve some form of polycentric governance as the issues are global in scale; a shift to ecological citizenship and substantive citizen engagement and education.

Jonathan (Jon) O’Riordan is a CFGS Associate Fellow. He is a former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management in the British Columbia Provincial Government. He has completed 35 years in the public service, mainly with the Provincial Government, in environmental management and land and resource planning. He is an Adjunct Professor with the School of Community ad Regional Planning at UBC and Research Director with the Climate Adaptation Team centred at Simon Fraser University. Dr. O’Riordan joined POLIS’ Water Sustainability Project as a strategic water policy advisor in 2007, where he focuses on provincial water policy reform and the ecological governance of water management.

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